Tool Status

User are responsible for bringing nessary material for processing, eg. photoresist, development etc. Any material brought into cleanroom is subject to cleanroom manager for review.

Currently availble tools:

  • Heidelberg DWL-66s laser writer
  • JEOL JSM-7001F SEM and EBL XPG2 pattern generator
  • Laurell WS-650 Mz spin coater
  • Reactive Ion Etcher (dielectric material)
  • HP61 hot plate
  • Nikon optphot 66
  • KLA-Tencor D300 Profiler
  • UV Ozone cleaner
  • West Bond Wire Bonder
  • Nanomaster Dual Ebeam Evaporator
  • J.A. Woolam Co., Inc. M-2000V Automated Angle Ellipsometer
  • Oerlikon Sputtering & Ebeam system
  • Trovato organic deposition
  • Chemical processing station for photomask developing and liftoff