MRF: Nanofabrication Cleanroom

architectural rendering of cleanroom courtesy of HALFF Associates, Inc

The UNT Nanofabrication Cleanroom is maintained by the University of North Texas to support the research needs of faculty and students from a broad range of engineering and science disciplines.   The cleanroom occupies approximately 3000 sq. ft. of clean space and includes a Class 100 lithography area and a Class 10,000 wet and dry processing and characterization area.  Initial capabilities will emphasize nano/micro device development, Photomask fabrication, OLED device fabrication and thin film techniques.  Highlights of the tool list include:

  • Electron Beam Lithography/Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Ion Assist Electon Beam and Sputtering Combo Thin Film Deposition System
  • KLA-Tenco Profiler
  • Heidelberg DWL 66s Maskless Laser Lithography System
  • Laurell chemical processing stations
  • Reactive Ion Etchers (RIE)
  • Trovato organic deposition system

For a complete list of tools to be included and the layout of the facility , see the Tools and Instrument page and rates for cleanroom tools at Cleanroom User Fee Structure. Tool scheduling at UNT FOM.

For steps to become a cleanroom user, see the How to become a cleanroom user. Other user related information is under User Information.

Updated cleanroom capacity examples!