Tools and Instruments

The UNT Nanofabrication Cleanroom has a wide selection of processing tools, including dual e-Beam, thermal evaporation and sputtering systems for thin film development, and two RIE systems for metal and dielectric material etching of MEMS structures. 

Sub-micron features are defined with a JEOL JSM-7001F SEM/EBL system with 3nm beam resolution and a Heidelberg DWL66fs maskless laser writer for photomask pattern writing. Four wet benches, HMDS 15 oven and spin coater hood with tabletop spin coater (Laurell WS-650Mz) are used for lithography process. For characterization analysis, the cleanroom is equipped with a J.A. Woolam M-2000V Ellipsometer and Nikon 66 microscope. 

For current availible tools, please check Tool Status. For tool scheduling, please check UNT FOM.


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